Eggs over easy, and a Jack and Coke Please…

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Well, we here in Michigan have finally turned the corner. We are finally allowed to buy Liquor on Sunday morning. Thats right, no more waiting until noon to grab your self a bottle of booze (for those drunks too lazy to stock up Saturday night). Having not yet read a complete story on the issue, I suppose this post may be a bit premature, but I have some spare time on my hands.

The Sunday sales rule has always seemed a bit odd to me. Previously, we could not purchase booze from 2am Sunday, until noon on Sunday, not 7am like the other days. Why was this? The only answer I can think of is to preserve the sanctity of the Holy Day. This doesn’t quite hold water either, so its OK to get hammered on the 2nd half of the Holy Day? We only need a Holy Morning?

I have heard that there are communities that are going to do their best to keep the ban in place. I guess they are taking the moral “high road” by keeping their God fearing people sober until the football game starts. Just seems a bit self serving to me. One would think that there should be no Sunday sales at all, but I guess thats not the direction our morals are going anyways.


The Marlboro Man

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This is a re-post of a Craigslist post under the Rants and Raves section. There has been a long running debate (I’m using that term VERY loosely) about the smoking ban here in Michigan. Like other states, smoking is banned in public businesses such as restaurants and bars. The insults go back and forth from anonymous keyboard warriors here in mid Michigan. This one was from a guy who calls himself the Marlboro man… thought it was funny, so I am pleased to share it with you.

Why I smoke…………

I smoke because I am an environmentalist. There are three main reasons why smoking helps the environment.

Think about it. Cigarette butts have fiberglass or other insulating material as filters. If you analyze a bird’s nest in the spring you will see that the parent birds often use these cigarette butts to line their nests as a form of insulation. It helps keep the baby birds warm. We really ought to change the old saying “snug as a bug in a rug” to “snug as a baby bird in a butt-lined nest”. Not as catchy but certainly more truthful. Since many birds are on the endangered species list, I’m sure my amount of smoking (and consequent cigarette butt distribution) has helped save or prolong the life of at least one of those near-extinct wonders of nature. That is reason one.

Secondly, since I inhale, every exhale releases carbon monoxide as a byproduct (chemical symbol CO – one Carbon atom, one Oxygen atom) into the atmosphere. Eventually, this carbon monoxide “floats” up to the upper atmosphere and some of it combines with the ozone layer (ozone is chemical symbol O3). The ozone combines with this carbon monoxide into a chemical reaction that releases the more stable atoms of carbon dioxide (chemical symbol CO2) and pure oxygen (chemical symbol O2). Carbon dioxide is required by plants to manufacture chlorophyll and thus grow (or some such
science mumbo-jumbo – anyway plants need it). Ergo, I am contributing to the greening of the world and helping to prevent the deforestation going on in certain underdeveloped (as well as developed) countries. A side effect is that more pure oxygen is now available which slows down the rate at which this natural resource becomes depleted because of overpopulation.

Thirdly, since my carbon monoxide exhale is depleting the ozone layer (combining to make carbon dioxide and pure oxygen – remember), it helps to close the hole in our atmosphere attributed to ozone. Many scientists attribute this “ozone hole” to being a major contributor to the skin cancer rate in countries below the equator (and some scientists even say it contributes to skin cancer above the equator). So by depleting the
ozone layer I am helping to close the insidious “ozone hole” and therefore I am helping prevent this form of cancer.

So now you understand why I smoke – I am an environmentalist.


Scrapping For Dummies

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After several inquiries about what exactly scrapping is all about, I’ve decided to spare a little time and give out some guidance. Theres nothing worse than being in the scrap yard, and seeing people throwing away their money. Theres a science to this, its not all dumpster diving you know. Scrapping is the collection of various metals to recycle them, and get paid in the process. Theres two ways to scrap, fast money, and slow-but-free money. Lets begin:

Now thats a pile of money

Fast Money Getting a good find is the best. Since weight is the key in scrapping, a good find is usually a junk car. Since the price of tin is about $200/Ton, and a nice size car/van/truck is roughly 4000 pounds, thats $400 cash. You will need a title, if there is no title, you need to go to your local DMV and get with them for a salvage title. Some places will give it to you, some may want the cops to fill out a portion of it, but thats what needs to happen. Second, you either need to take off the gas tank, or have a hole drilled in the bottom, and the antifreeze drained out.
Now, $400 sounds good, but if you just roll it in there, you are throwing away money. You need to cut off the catalytic converter. Its between the muffler and the engine… and its worth between $50 – $100. Then, you need to cut out the radiator, theres aluminum in there… might be good for another $20 – $40. Dont forget the battery, theres another $10. Next, take a pair of snips and cut out all the various wires everywhere, ball it all up, and turn that in. Usually, you can get $1.50/LB…. say 10 Lbs of wire gets you $15. So… $400+$100+$40+$10+$15 is $565… for about an hours work, you get an additional $165. Tomorrow, me and the father in law are going to buy a van for $300, then scrap it. Fast money.

This kind of scrapping takes a bit more work. You need to look for ANYTHING metal in peoples garbage, or hit up businesses dumpsters after hours. Appliances are always good. Find a dryer, cut out the motor, cut out the wiring, store it in the back yard. You need to get a good pile of stuff going. Air conditioners, metal lamps, brake rotors, lawn chairs, bed frames, christmas lights, lawnmowers, stoves, iron benches, exercise equipment, aluminum boats, aluminum siding, copper piping, any kind of engine, any misc. pipes, cast iron benches, boat propellers, dumbell weights, car batteries, swing sets, you name it, its scrappable.

Its a habitual thing. As you drive around doing your normal daily routine, keep your eyes peeled. On the night you put out your garbage, drive all around the neighborhood, and look for people putting stuff out to the curb. When you drive to work, find out what day their trash day is, then drive around there before you go home. Out late at night? Stop by a Midas or AutoZone and peek in their dumpsters. Might be a muffler in there… I’ve picked mufflers up on the side of the road before. Point is, keep collecting, and piling it up in your garage, or back yard. As you collect, separate the metals. Lets take an example… an old air conditioner.

First, you need to release the compressed freon in the lines that run through the compressor to both coils. One way to do this is bashing a hole in the lines with a hammer, or using snips to nip a line. Be careful, it will go spraying out of there, so watch your face. Then, cut both coils out, they are a mixture of copper and aluminum. Store that in your aluminum pile (Along with your lawn chairs- Most of them are aluminum, and you already cut the fabric off, and poked all the rivets out with a hammer and screwdriver). Next, cut off the motor, not shown, but its between the fan and the blower. Put that in the pile of motors you took out of your dryers and washing machines. Next, take off the compressor, and put that with the compressors you chopped off the fridge and that chest freezer you found. The casing of the air conditioner its self is just tin, and goes with the bed frame and swing set.

Parting out is key, do it to everything. The AC alone will get you $3 by its self. Chop it up, and you get about $10 – $15, depending on the size of the coils… the older the unit, the better. And collect as much as you can, when you can, for 1 month. Then go and turn it all in for cash. Its fun, and free. You can get online to a lot of scrap yard websites, and they list the prices of what each item is currently worth, and if your not sure about something, Goggle it, or drop me an email or something. Its definitely worth it, and it actually becomes addictive. I look foreward to driving around, its like gambling… you lose a lot of the time by not finding stuff, but when you come across stuff… its exhilarating!!!


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I need more of this

I have a memory problem I’d like to share. Its not the short term variety, more of a long term thing. From as I can remember, this issue has been there. It has nothing to do with an accident, or eating glue, I suppose this is the way God made me.

A few days ago, I was tooling around Dwaynes house, and came across a copy of Stephen King’s Insomnia. I recall I read it about 15 years ago, but I couldn’t remember a single thing about it. Strange I thought, at around a thousand pages, you would think that I would remember at least something about it. I flipped around the pages a bit, and nothing. Zip. It all looked strange to me, as if I never read it at all.

More examples you say? Ok. I graduated High School in 1994 (East Kentwood High, Kentwood MI). I can only recall the name of one of my teachers, Mr. West, Human Anatomy and Physiology in my Senior year – and I wouldn’t recognize him if he walked in my front door right now. You could pile all my teachers I had in my living room right now, and they would all look like strangers. I know, I ran into my HS counselor a few years removed, and I didn’t recognize her. Four years at that school, and I cant remember any of it. For the record, I did not use drugs or alcohol in High School. I saved that for a bit later.

Flash to sometime in 1998? I was in a public bathroom doing the usual, when some guy seemed surprised, and excited to see me. Uhhh oh hi!! I said, wondering who the heck this dude is. It’s me Scott… from spanish class!!! . Mind you, I was only a few years departed from that class, and i only remotely recognized his face. I remember him, how we has some laughs, but only 1 real clear memory of an interaction in class, and even then, his face is a bit blurry. Its like trying to remember a dream you had a few days ago. You cant remember much, just a few things. Faces fuzzy, names not there. Its a bit frustrating.

Its not a total black out, I do good at crossword puzzles, work well on cars, so apparently some things stick to the wall. But the window of “remembrance” is about the 4 or 5 year mark. Events that are more recent, I can remember, but the timelines are all mixed up. For example, did Linsey (my 6 year old) lose her last tooth 2 weeks ago? or 6? Did I last go to the movies 6 months ago? or 2 years ago? Even my 11 year old daughter brings stuff up I am having a hard time remembering. Cant think of a specific example of that off hand.

I really should see if there is something I can do to improve it. Maybe some ginkgo biloba would help out. Now that I think about it, I am going into the doctors tomorrow for routine stuff. Perhaps I will run this problem by him, if I remember.

Our “Bullying” Problem

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The problem we have with bullying in this countries, lies in the fact that we have all gone soft and our fragile feelings need to be protected at all costs. Give me a break. Where was all this outrage when I was in middle school?

Lately, Kathy Griffin had been back on her soap box, spouting off about the recent suicide of gay Rutgers student Tyler Clementi. Once again, we are all called to heed her warnings of some kind of epidemic. This PC stuff is getting old, along with the rich Hollywood types telling me why I am some kind of bigot.

I found an interesting tid-bit from the Free Republic, and I bet you would find the perspective refreshing. Click Here to see it.

Born Gay? (Im not talking about me)

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I have had some interesting interaction recently on a facebook page called Keep Gods Law: Say no to same sex marriage. I stumbled on this site as I was bored, and trolling around facebook, looking for something interesting. On the wall there, most of the people who comment, are in fact gay people, most of whom share a disdain for anything to do with religion. Needless to say, there is some heated comments, lots of name calling, and no shortage of insults to go around.

Most, well, all of the Christians that comment there believe that people are not born gay. I think differently. I think they are born gay, but then that raises a few problems. Why would God create someone to be gay, when being gay is a sin? I guess technically, being gay is not a sin, its having gay sex that is the sin. So in theory, a completely celibate gay person would have nothing to worry about. Probably easier said than done.

When I wonder why God would create a gay person, thus subjecting them to a tough life (Most gays seem to have a rough go of it), I think there are people who are created in far worse predicaments. What about the poor kids born in poor areas of Africa? Or Kids born with cancer who only live a handful of years. I suppose they would swap swap lives with a gay person in a heart beat. Perhaps there are no easy answers. To try to wrap my brain around why who does what with who because of why could drive me crazy. Now I know why Jesus taught, judge not, unless you want to be judged yourself. If I am not worried about judging someone, I would probably treat people better in general. The Christians who go online and spew hate should think about those words of Jesus. Talk about giving us a bad name.

Temporary Insanity

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This is the hot hiking spot - apparently

When I think of the hikers detained in Iran, I suppose I have a lot less sympathy for them than do some people. As I watch the news, It seems everyone is overcome with relief that Sarah Shourd, just one of the three hikers, was let go. I am happy that the girl is free, and I hope the others get let go also. I just wonder what goes through the head of someone, when they choose to hike on the Iran-Iraq border. What kind of judgment goes into that decision making process? After someone does something so incredibly irresponsible, I find it hard to feel sorry for them.

There are similar stories about folks getting detained after wandering into North Korea, but those people had social agendas, they sort of knew what they were getting into. The brain-dead hikers apparently thought all was well, as they trooped across the mountainous landscape. Have they watched TV in the last, say 30 years or so? Where is their sense of self preservation? At this very moment, I am typing this, shes on the TODAY Show, crying about the two poor guys left behind. I suppose, I do feel somewhat sorry, but irritated at the same time. I see someone had to pony up 1/2 a million to get her out. Geeze. What a mess. Next time, maybe she’ll think twice before hinking near one of the most oppressive, and unpredictable countries on earth, getting caught, then having to beg for her life. I don’t like calling people stupid, so I like to think they were caught up in a moment of temporary insanity.