spending too much time online

Posted: 03/16/2011 in Uncategorized

The internet I enjoy is full of all kinds of people. I generally try to keep (online) company of people I whom my maker would approve of. This is assuming he approves of anything I, or any of us do. So, that point is debatable all by its self I guess. Anyways, I have found a spot that allows anybody to digress to the maturity of an 8th grader.
You see, in most spots I have found online, there are varying levels of personal interaction. Facebook, is fairly personal. Most people have family pictures on there, share personal information, and are linked in with family and friends. That leads people to generally behave as they would in real life. You wouldn’t post anything you wouldn’t normally say to someones face, all is there for your mom to read.
Myspace was a bit less personal, in that it was (I say “was” because no one really uses it anymore) harder to find friends, and keep up on the posts of other people. Who knows, maybe that has changed.
If you take something like a blog, thats far less personal. People can create one with a anonymous name, and post whatever stuff they want. I have stumbled upon a few that are basically completely offensive. But – That is their right I suppose. Blogging is for whatever you feel like putting on here. However, it is not very social. You see, that blog I found offensive has to get traffic in order to offend somebody. If they dont blog constantly, they are not going to have a lot of traffic. I dont blog too much, and I dont blog about controversial topics, so my traffic is pretty low. Dont worry, my heart is not broken.
But alas, I have found a spot that combines the social network needed to be seen by a lot of people, with total anonymity. It is the Rants and Raves section on Craigslist. If you have never used CL, its basically the classified section of your newspaper, online, but WAY better. Anyways, on the R&R section (found on the bottom of the personals section) you can find people complaining about anything, insulting anybody, and picking online fights with other posters. The Detriot R&R is particularly bad. Its full of people posting racist and tastless stuff. Yes, I know what you are thinking, and yes, I am guilty of going there a bit more than I should. Its the “car accident” effect.
My point is, I find it amazing how people get mean and immature when they have a venue in which there is a lot of traffic, and you can remain completely anonymous. Theres something to be said for the nature of our society. Thats all I have to say. Just making an observation.


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