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Posted: 01/25/2011 in Uncategorized

Today I was reading a blog post from another believer titled Is Faith Imagined and it got me thinking about some thoughts that pop into my head from time to time. Imagination is a powerful thing.
I love the movie The Matrix. I can’t imagine any of my few readers haven’t seen it, but the storyline basically floats around the idea that we are all asleep, living in a virtual world, and serve as batteries for the machines that keep us in that virtual world (I apologize for the bad grammar, way too many commas here). It makes you think that maybe the world isn’t as it seems, maybe you have been asleep your whole life, oblivious to what the real world is like.
One bizarre thought that I kick around once in a while, is what if I am actually alone? Could I be the only being here on Earth, all the rest of the people controlled by God, just puppets for me to interact with? This would keep me (The only one with free will) from causing someone else to sin. In some parallel Universe, my wife is in her own world. She’s the only one with free will in that one. In yet another Universe, you are the one with free will. Billions of Universes, with all of us in our own little “Interview” to see if we can cut it in life, isolated so we infect no-one with our sin.
Our love for others would not be wasted, as I believe God permeates everything, the object of our love would eventually get the message, and in the next life, all the real people probably wouldn’t be the wiser anyways. In fact, the next life is probably so drastically beyond what we can imagine, we won’t think much of this life anyways.
Another thought – Perhaps I was a small infant who tragically died. This reality I live in now, is a “make-up” for the life I never got to live out. You see, I often wonder what happens of young children who tragically perish. Perhaps even they get a real chance at life. Maybe I was one of those, and I am living out that second chance here and now.
Think about it!!


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