First paraniod rant of the year…..

Posted: 01/17/2011 in Uncategorized

This whole thing over in Tunisia has got me thinking in a crazy apocalyptic way. I know, you never know when the end is coming, some say you can. I guess I think that there may be signs of the end, but I don’t jump to conclusions either. I didn’t think that the world was going to seize up at the turn of the century. I don’t but into that whole 2012 Aztec calendar thing. However, Tunisia is interesting in that we haven’t really seen a overthrow like that, in that region, in a while. I mean, the freakin people are setting themselves on fire, rioting, its nuts over there.
In case you aren’t on the up and up with the news, theres more too. The neighboring countires have crowd management issues as well. It seems, the people are not happy living under crazy dictatorships. Can’t say I blame them. Perhaps this goes against my apocalyptic theory, after all, a crazy dictator is needed to start the whole endgame anyways.
But – The world works in crazy and mysterious ways. Strange things happen all the time.
Then I got to thinking about a comment a friend made a week ago or something regarding his expectations regarding the end. He likens it to the Exodus of the Hebrews out of Egypt. You see, that was the only time in history, where God really goes off and does crazy stuff. There were frogs everywhere, locusts, people running around with boils on em. River turns to blodd, you know the story. Nowhere else in the Bible, does God really do such vast and spectacular things. The flood was impressive (For those of us who take that literally), but that wasn’t in the same league. The people just saw it rain, and rain, and rain, then they drown. The plagues in Egypt were HUGE, public dispalys of Gods mighty power. This was done to bring his people to the promise land in a blaze of glory.I agree with my friend, that in the endtimes there will be a similar display, because it will be another exodus, one of us believers out of this world.
Whats that gonna look like? I don’t think anyone really knows, but I imagine when the you-know-what hits the fan, hopefully we will recognize whats happening. Should make for a pretty good show right?


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