Eggs over easy, and a Jack and Coke Please…

Posted: 12/19/2010 in Uncategorized

Well, we here in Michigan have finally turned the corner. We are finally allowed to buy Liquor on Sunday morning. Thats right, no more waiting until noon to grab your self a bottle of booze (for those drunks too lazy to stock up Saturday night). Having not yet read a complete story on the issue, I suppose this post may be a bit premature, but I have some spare time on my hands.

The Sunday sales rule has always seemed a bit odd to me. Previously, we could not purchase booze from 2am Sunday, until noon on Sunday, not 7am like the other days. Why was this? The only answer I can think of is to preserve the sanctity of the Holy Day. This doesn’t quite hold water either, so its OK to get hammered on the 2nd half of the Holy Day? We only need a Holy Morning?

I have heard that there are communities that are going to do their best to keep the ban in place. I guess they are taking the moral “high road” by keeping their God fearing people sober until the football game starts. Just seems a bit self serving to me. One would think that there should be no Sunday sales at all, but I guess thats not the direction our morals are going anyways.


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