Born Gay? (Im not talking about me)

Posted: 09/24/2010 in Uncategorized

I have had some interesting interaction recently on a facebook page called Keep Gods Law: Say no to same sex marriage. I stumbled on this site as I was bored, and trolling around facebook, looking for something interesting. On the wall there, most of the people who comment, are in fact gay people, most of whom share a disdain for anything to do with religion. Needless to say, there is some heated comments, lots of name calling, and no shortage of insults to go around.

Most, well, all of the Christians that comment there believe that people are not born gay. I think differently. I think they are born gay, but then that raises a few problems. Why would God create someone to be gay, when being gay is a sin? I guess technically, being gay is not a sin, its having gay sex that is the sin. So in theory, a completely celibate gay person would have nothing to worry about. Probably easier said than done.

When I wonder why God would create a gay person, thus subjecting them to a tough life (Most gays seem to have a rough go of it), I think there are people who are created in far worse predicaments. What about the poor kids born in poor areas of Africa? Or Kids born with cancer who only live a handful of years. I suppose they would swap swap lives with a gay person in a heart beat. Perhaps there are no easy answers. To try to wrap my brain around why who does what with who because of why could drive me crazy. Now I know why Jesus taught, judge not, unless you want to be judged yourself. If I am not worried about judging someone, I would probably treat people better in general. The Christians who go online and spew hate should think about those words of Jesus. Talk about giving us a bad name.

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