Temporary Insanity

Posted: 09/15/2010 in Uncategorized

This is the hot hiking spot - apparently

When I think of the hikers detained in Iran, I suppose I have a lot less sympathy for them than do some people. As I watch the news, It seems everyone is overcome with relief that Sarah Shourd, just one of the three hikers, was let go. I am happy that the girl is free, and I hope the others get let go also. I just wonder what goes through the head of someone, when they choose to hike on the Iran-Iraq border. What kind of judgment goes into that decision making process? After someone does something so incredibly irresponsible, I find it hard to feel sorry for them.

There are similar stories about folks getting detained after wandering into North Korea, but those people had social agendas, they sort of knew what they were getting into. The brain-dead hikers apparently thought all was well, as they trooped across the mountainous landscape. Have they watched TV in the last, say 30 years or so? Where is their sense of self preservation? At this very moment, I am typing this, shes on the TODAY Show, crying about the two poor guys left behind. I suppose, I do feel somewhat sorry, but irritated at the same time. I see someone had to pony up 1/2 a million to get her out. Geeze. What a mess. Next time, maybe she’ll think twice before hinking near one of the most oppressive, and unpredictable countries on earth, getting caught, then having to beg for her life. I don’t like calling people stupid, so I like to think they were caught up in a moment of temporary insanity.


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