Tolerance, the one-way street

Posted: 09/10/2010 in Uncategorized

Much has been ranted about lately, much of it regarding the Park51 project near Ground Zero. The proposed “Community Center”, which is really a mosque with a swimming pool, had been a divisive subject. According to the some in the Muslim world, it is supposed to be a bridge building opportunity. I really, dont get that, being that if you want to build bridges, a gigantic Mosque looking over Ground Zero isn’t a good start.

Still other Muslims argue that it is their constitutional right to build on that property. I suppose I cannot argue with that. That crazy guy is Florida has a constitutional right to burn copies of the Quran, but I don’t agree with that either. I can’t see any good coming out of inflaming people by burning books Holy to them. I guess tomorrow we will se if he really has the stones to go through with it.

There is still another vocal contingent of the Muslim community that is against the building of the Mosque. If you watch Hannity on the FOX channel, he regularly finds Muslims on both sides of the debate. I am not a huge Hannity fan, I think hes a bit of a showman. Its like the WWE meets politics. It is Hannitys job to stoke the embers of partisanship to keep a job, after all, if we all got along Hannity would be without a paycheck.

I wonder when and where the tolerance our country shows to others will be reciprocated? At the same time we are labeled racist, bigoted, etc., we allow almost unrestrained freedom to do whatever you like. No other country on earth can you get away with stuff like you can here, and if you get in a jam over something, the ACLU will likely bail you out. In Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims are not allowd in Mecca. At all. Where is the tolerance from them? How is it right for Muslims to keep me out of somewhere, yet they demand the right to free reign over my country? Not that tolerance runs one way with just the Muslims, there are many one way streets. Examples are gay marriage, reverse racism, immigration, all these issues are almost a lose-lose to argue, because if you don’t take a liberal stance on any of them, you are slapped with a number of nasty names. Oh – Wife just got home with coffee, more later.

  1. Jack Cope says:

    Ayoh, the Mecca thing… shall I do it quickly? It’s quite a simple one really…

    Basically, it boils down to two things, things that have happened when non Muslims were allowed in Mecca in the past and more practical space concerns.

    Let’s do the practical first. Mecca, as the ‘hub’ of Islam clearly attracts one heck of a lot of pilgrims, I’m sure you have seen photos. Even when the Hajj is not taking place then it is full to bursting and the Saudi government is working hard to rip apart the city to try and build a more modern transport system, including a metro, to fit all these people in. It means Mecca has lost a lot of it’s old charms, but at the same time it means more pilgrims can be accommodated. Because of the huge number of pilgrims, even we Muslims have to line up to be allowed in! If I want to visit Mecca for Umrah (small pilgrimage that can take place at any time of the year), I go there, get stamped in and have a limited time in the city before I have to leave (or face being evicted). For Hajj, which takes place after Ramadan and is obligatory for Muslims to do once a lifetime if they can, there is a waiting list. For interest, I went to go and see about putting my name on the list because I’d heard horror stories about how long it was, and man is it long!! Do you know how long it is until I get to go to Mecca for Hajj? TWENTY YEARS!!! Can you see now why it is impractical to open the gates of Mecca to just anyone?

    Secondly, there is the history. The Qu’ran makes no statement about barring non-Muslims entry, and in the past it was allowed. However, this ‘right’ was abused a number of times, culminating in a group of Christian mercenaries being paid to enter Mecca and ransacking the Holy Mosque. After that, the rulers of Mecca decided not to risk it any more.

    Now, I’ll say this now that if I were ruler of Mecca I’d have no problem allowing non-Muslims in to have a look around, so long as they were escorted and so on (so they wouldn’t make any mistakes that could end up disrupting pilgrims). However, in reality there really isn’t that much to see… not sure why a non-Muslim would want to go there.



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