Islamization or Islamophobia?

Posted: 09/03/2010 in Uncategorized

The last few months, I have widened my study of my faith, which has had some unexpected results. In my random wanderings, I have run across some pretty interesting characters. Being a Christian, I was searching, and interacting with some people who are from the Judaism crowd, then the Messianic Judaism crowd, and recently, the Islamic crowd. I think this is relevant, because if you draw a line back through our various faiths, they all intersect at a man called Abraham.

A few months ago, I was trolling through tons of Facebook pages out of boredom, when I came across something interesting. A page called Profile Islamics In Airports. I thought to myself it was a good idea. After all, the 9/11 terrorists were Muslim, and to profile them only makes sense. I didn’t join because I have hate all Muslims. I simply thought it was a good idea. If you know much about Facebook pages, most of their “walls” are pretty unactive. People “like” something, and thats about it. However, on this page, there is plenty of action. Much of it is probably not productive. There is a great amount of Muslim bashing, and the Muslims that join engage in tossing the trash talk right back. On this page, I met a guy named Jack. Over the past few months, we have conversed in private messages, sharing stories, talking about issues, and generally getting along. We don’t agree on many things, but it is nice to bounce ideas and concepts off some one of the Islamic faith, without resorting to cussing and insulting each other.

From my point of view, there appears to be 2 labels commonly tossed around, and invariably, everyone gets tossed into one of them. Some people think that Islam is inherently evil, and even well meaning, peaceful people will eventually radicalize if they stay in that faith long enough. The Muslims who claim to be “moderate”, are simply trojan horses, Muslims waiting in the wings to help out their fellow terrorists. The Muslims won’t stop until every government/society where they live, adheres to Islamic law. This process is commonly referred as Islamization.

Islamophobia, is the ‘politically correct’ opposite of that. If you have anything to say about Muslims, or their faith, you are an Islamophobe. Sort of like Tea Partiers are labeled racists. I suppose this is a “catch 22”, as if you see the process of Islamization happening, you cant complain, or you’re a, Islamophobe. Follow that? (Jack isn’t quick to label one an Islamophobe, he loves debate).

Last Night I had a fruitful discussion with Jack again. I am pretty excited about a blog being started, an inter-faith one, where there is a venue presented where all faiths can banter back and forth productively. We are not interested in people insulting each other, or cursing each other out. At the same time, we realize everyone is not about to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya” either. We want an arena to discuss topics in a civil manner, where we can control some of the content. Meaning that, if some bozo shows up just to start trouble, we have the ability to ban him. Its not that hard. He can change user name as much as he would like, but we would have his IP address anyways, so that takes care of that. At the same time, throwing the dirty laundry on the table is necessary now and then.

I am beginning to ramble. Like I said yesterday, more on this later!

  1. Ruth says:

    Please change the In Your Face title to something
    more pleasing to people of all Faiths. I know you better
    than most people, and you kind of like the In Your Face
    business but truly that title is not Faithful Enough to
    What You Are As A Believer. To describe with words the
    Welcome and How Do You Do Love, the Neighborly Love, the
    Love for the Down and Out People, the Love that is needed
    for People who are thinking of taking their own life because of their sorrowful heart. In the Day to Day pace of life now, let us turn our thoughts into more
    educated words, that mean what Jesus, Yeshua just said
    in our Bible. Some words that people can receive His
    Love from. Keep searching and keep praying as you reach
    to HaShem’s Truth’s that everyone is searching for.
    I already deleated one note last wk. because I did not even know what the Title In Your Face …. was, I
    thought it was something else. Lovem

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