Posted: 09/02/2010 in Uncategorized

Its been 354 days since I have had a job. At first, I didn’t think I would have ant problem finding work. As time passes, it seems more likely than not, that I will have the winter off also. Which is not all bag I guess. The wife works. Plus, I have a budding relationship with Ron, my retired next door neighbor. We have been making plans to go camping and hunting, starting in about the middle of this month. Since I am pretty much broke most the time, camping is free, and sounds like fun.

When I say camping, I mean Ron and I will be alone, in the middle of hundreds, if not thousands of square miles of forest. No showers, no swimming pools, or camp employees delivering firewood, no camp store to buy goods, no anything. This is REAL camping. Pooping in the bushes, sponge baths, listening to coyotes howling, back woods stuff. Safety tip: I will be packing heat, because there are bears out there!

Besides preparing for my outdoor adventures, since my last post I have been lying low. Life gets boring when you live in the middle of nowhere (So yes, I’m leaving the middle of nowhere, to camp in the middle nowhere). I have been spending an unhealthy amount of time online. One project in the works, is an inter-faith blog. I have a muslim friend, who lives in Malasia, and we have been kicking that idea around. It’s not that I am interested in becoming a muslim, but like Judaism, and Christianity, The God of Islam, is the God of Abraham. That common point connects us…. but more on that later.


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