Mr. Nice Guy

Posted: 06/23/2010 in Uncategorized

The biggest thing I have been working on, with success, has been being nicer to people. Not that I have a whole lot of contact with people, but like many people, there are a lot of things that bother me. Jesus taught all the time about love. I can’t go around hating on people, and then claim to love God. We are all Gods children, and I know it hurts me to see my kids fight with each other.Theres just so much to get mad about. Here’s a short list of what I have been working on.

Fat People. Probably the number one thing that bothers me is seeing some huge woman in a motorized cart wheelin through Wal-Mart. I mean, wouldn’t she lose a few pounds if she waddled through the store? I used to have a code word to notify my wife if I saw a fat person, I would go “Whoa”, and she would start looking around to see who I was alerting to. Mean… yes I know. This is the kind of thing that would embarrass me to death if I ever had to answer for every time I made fun of one of them. After all, what if one of my kids were to grow up to be a little big? They are people too. I still catch myself making comments, snide remarks about the fat guy rolling out of his van, and I catch myself. Even though no one can hear me, I still apologize on the spot, hoping that might make it a little better.

Illegal Aliens. This, being a hot button issue, probably gets a lot of people. I think we need to keep a few things in mind. It is one thing to want to secure our borders, but remember, it is by the luck of the draw that we were born on this side of the fence. It is real easy to want to keep them poor, and down south rather than share a piece of our American Pie.

Muslims. Even though most terrorists in this world are Muslims, and most terrorist stated are led by extremist factions filled with Islamic ideology, they too are our Adamic brothers and sisters. They too need God, as bad as you or I. Of course, I find many of the things about their religion abhorrent, and am angered by their actions across this world. I could go on and list all the nasty bad stuff that they do, is it really going to make a difference if I slam them? They are people too, who am I to judge? There is nothing I am going to accomplish by hating a bunch of people who do not know I exist. Makes no sense to keep that hate in my heart.

Ghetto People. Yes, mostly I am talking about black people. There, I said it. I used to live in an urban area. Had to chain my kids bikes to the deck EVERY night, or they would be gone the next morning. Had to lock my car doors EVERY night, or in the morning I wake to my cars being ransacked. I would hear my neighborhood children, as young as 2, wandering about the streets at midnight on tuesday as their parents partied. I realize now, I feel more sorry for them, than I hate them. Its called compassion. The poor people in the inner cities are a lost people. Make no mistake, most will never make it out. There is no hope there, it really is sad.

Right Wing Republicans. I am sick and tired of hearing “We care about our country.” Really, and the Democrats don’t? “We stand for fiscal responsibility.” And, the Dems really want us bankrupt? They act as if they are the moral police, when that job should be done my our perents. If raised correctly, we should be able to police ourselves. Yet, who partners with big business, if you don’t think it the Repub’s, you’re lying to yourself. Their “Holier than thou” rhetoric doesn’t fool me. Its nice they care about the little guy, as long as they get the votes. They spout off about morals, yet get caught cheating, lying, and stealing. Again, since I will never change them, I am not going to waste time hating them. They are people too.

Left Wing Democrats. Nothing angers me more than another lawsuit trying to get the church out of something. No prayer in this, or that. Can’t say prayer at graduation. Its ridiculous. They are to blame for the oil spill. The big oil guys want to drill in Alaska, and there’s more than enough space to do it without damaging the wildlife. Are we really going to get by on solar and wind power? It may help, but we will never be free from oil. Never. So why not drill what we got? Why does everyone have a “right” now? Gays? Illegal Aliens? Inmates? Christians? Oh wait.. thats right. They stop short there. No need for rights for them. They are the hate mongers that have caused this whole mess. Again… I restrain my hate.

The list goes on and on. I am not even mentioning personal beefs. No need to name drop on the internet. There was a time, not so long ago, that hate dominated my life. I figured, if I hate someone for a good reason, it cannot be wrong. Who doesn’t hate a child molester? I don’t. I don’t like what they do, but I don’t hate them. I can actually say, honestly, that I don’t hate anyone. I don’t even use the word anymore. I dislike tomatoes. The Flu bothers me. But hate, not for me.

  1. Not Buying It says:

    So if you say something hateful, and then quickly apologize it makes it okay? You start writing about how you have been successful with being nicer to people, and then you go on to say ignorant, hateful, racist, mean statements.

    This whole piece is one big contradiction after another. You automatically call all terrorists Muslim, when you are actually referring to extremists. If some radical extreme Christians went out and started terrorizing something they were against, taking people lives you wouldn’t appreciate someone lumping you into that by saying “I hate Christians because they blow people up”. You also say you are working on being nicer to them yet you constantly spend your days posting jokes making fun of Muslims online.

    You make racist statements about African Americans, once again lumping them all into one group, and then you say you feel sorry for them. You stated that you lived in that urban area so what does that say about you? Apparently the way you think you are just as poor as them, and steal bikes and go through peoples cars too.

    We in this country have the freedom of religion. Freedom to practice it or not. Not everyone in America is Christian. Guessing by your posts you would have a huge problem with a Muslim teacher forcing your child to recite a Muslim prayer everyday before class. So what gives Christians the right to force it upon others? To force it upon others doesn’t sound very Christian at all. There are many many religions in this world, and many who choose not to have religion, and not pushing a religious preference on them is called respect.

    You might want to invest in a dictionary because as much as you say you don’t hate this whole blog is full of it. While everyone has freedom of speech this is verging on hate speech. Nobody is perfect and everyone has their faults but back in April you wrote “I am re-tooling my blog, away from content that is destructive to my mind, and towards things that give me peace”, are you accomplishing this? This latest entry would have me think otherwise.

    • Mike says:

      Ok. I shall go point by point with Humanist.

      1. When I said I quickly apologize, I was referring to the following situation. If someone cuts me off in traffic, and say out loud “What an A**hole”.. not screaming out the window, or gesturing rudely, I still offer a verbal apology, even though the person has no idea I even said anything. I don’t go around saying rude stuff to people.

      2. The whole piece is contradictions. I listed things that used to make me mad, with the intent to show that I publically recognize that, and I finish the thought by showing I am working on that.

      3. Making racist statements? You can take it as that. The urban area I lived in was almost entirely African American, and yes, I do feel sorry for their situation. You don’t feel sorry for the struggles of the poor inner city people? I don’t make it a white-black thing… its an inner city thing. Try living there, you will get the feel for it.

      4. Freedom of Religion. You do have a point here. I am not suggesting it is right to shove something like religion down somebodys throat, yet in the paragraph above I was equally critical of the “Holier than thou” republicans…. which I suppose is the only thing about my post you don’t have a problem with. At least we agree on that!!

      5. Lastly, let me speak to the online joke making. I suspect this may be Jack, simply because you write well. Some of the other muslim poster do not write english so well, not that its their fault, perhaps it is a second language. In any event, most, not all, the muslim posters on that site are there simply to cause trouble. They are not interested in a logical discussion about differences, Jack and a few others are the exception. Do I agree with them? Most times not. Am I a perfect person? Never claimed to be. I busted out a few jokes ONE DAY. Its not like I mock them every day. It was bad judgement posting the jokes I suppose, but that forum that the site is, isn’t exactly a breeding ground for serious theological banter.

      I hope you respond to this comment, I am sincerely interested in your thoughts. Notice, I did not remove your comments from my blog, they are there for every one to see.


      • Jack Cope says:

        Nope, afraid it wasn’t me, I just stumbled across your blog today accidentally. I bashed ‘Profile Islamic Males In Airports’ to see if it came up again (can’t find it anywhere) and one of the links was your blog. Still, good writings, I like it and totally understand your ‘hates’, I share many of them. Especially the fat people in granny cars! Come on man, you’re not disabled, you’re just fat! Fat is not an illness! If you walked a little instead of trundling around… But then again I feel the same as you and think ‘who am I to judge, could be me or one of my kids someday’. And you’re right, never hate, hate is a seed planted by the devil and if you nurture it then it can grow to envelope you easily. Even a ‘little’ hate like, oh I don’t know, hate of strawberry pop tarts could in theory grow to envelop you. Hmmm, maybe not, but you get what I mean.

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