Laughter.. our best meds

Posted: 06/08/2010 in Uncategorized

Earlier today, as it was a nice overcast day, I decided to mow my yard. Everytime I fire it up and start mowing, my 9 month old black lab ‘Lola’ goes nuts. She chases after the mower the whole time, at times actually attacking it. Yes, she will grab a wheel by her little mouth, and actually drag it about six inches before letting go. Over and over, it is not getting old yet. When I get the weed wacker out, I have to shut her in the house, because taking on the trimmer face to face is not a good idea.
I chuckle every time Lola grabs my mower, but my other dog ‘Roxy’ seems not too interested. As a matter of fact, the young pup does all kinds of funny things from time to time, but Roxy doesn’t as much as snicker. If you think about it, animals don’t laugh at all. I guess they have no sense of humor. What a dull life. No humor at all? listening to my little girls laugh and giggle about stuff is one of the sweetest sounds I know. I see animals do all kinds of strange and funny things. Squirrels falling off branches, cats sliding across a slick kitchen floor, there are many funny things animals do, yet it only us humans that laugh at them.
Of all the living things on this planet, I find it odd that humor is solely ours. I suppose there are a few other things that are unique to us, such as crying. I never see another animal bawling over anything. Perhaps our tear ducts are more developed than them. How about jealousy? I see how one animal will behave when another has a piece of meat they both want to eat, but that is more of a hunger thing. Since animals don’t really own anything, I suppose if there is jealousy, the instances are few.
Murder.. not the kind of killing over territory or food. Animals have a instinctual reason to kill, either they are hungry, or defending their young. I cannot think of an example of an animal killing indiscriminately, fell free to correct me.
I suppose sex is also unique. All the animals I can think of only have sex for reproduction, it is only us humans that do it for reasons other than to further our species. This is also a reason for the above emotions, envy, jealousy, and heinous acts like murder.
There are many things unique to us humans, many things we can do they cannot do. The one that seems the most pure to me, is laughter. If only we appreciated this a bit more, the world might be a better place.


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