Surfing the Web with Mike

Posted: 05/31/2010 in Uncategorized

The Internet is a vast expanse of stuff. Newsflash: Everyone already knows this.

There are a few choice sites I like to visit. Heres a short list:

Lion and Lamb Ministries, headed by a guy named Monte Judah, is chock full of end-time prophesies. This is a bit controversial, yes Monte has “predicted” the second coming back in the 1990’s, which to some, has diminished his credibility. Personally, I think it is a bit dangerous to totally ignore the signs of the times. Click Here: Lion and Lamb

Next stop: Messianic Jewish Musings. Here Derek Leman blogs about a variety of things. I am looking foreword to a book he has coming out in August. I have read some of the books in a “Book Club” that he participates in. At times there is a lot of traffic there, so sometimes the comment sections get lengthy, heated, but also insightful. DEEP STUFF here!!! Clickderek4messiah

This next page is a bit more edgy. Some of the speech here seems bad spirited, but the stories are incredible to say the least. Keeping up with the latest happening around the world of Islam here. Click unhhimmi

At Kineti L’Tziyon, Judah blogs about a variety of topics. Some things here make me laugh, it is a good mix of topics and discussion. Some of the topics here get deep too. Click Judah Gabriel

There is a group of good folks at Baruch Hashem. Rabbi Marty Waldman leads these Texans in worship with wit and wisdom. I really REALLY enjoy watching and listening to their services. They have MUST SEE teachings archived, and free to all. Click Baruch Hashem

I also hit up the news sites, namely Fox News, and CNN. I occasionally engage in their comment sections, which are extremely busy, and full of people who will not agree with you. Personal, profane attacks are normal there, so do not comment if you do not like to be insulted.

I should comment on my busy weekend, but its not over yet. Hope you all are enjoying Memorial Day!!

  1. Ruth says:

    WE are injoying our weekend Michael. Hope Everyone is having a nice weekend also,
    this goes out to everyone around the world. Your list is a good list as I too
    listen to Rabbi Monte Judah and Rabbi Marty Waldman and both men are good
    servants and they both have worked studying and praying for wisdom for many years.
    I do not watch TV anymore, cancelled my cable. I just pray now for all of us to
    receive mercy and wisdom from our Heavenly Father, Hashem who’s plans will unfold
    for all to behold each day. Thank You For Your Watchman flag
    Love and Kindness Lives, Ruth

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