Plymouth Park

Posted: 05/24/2010 in Uncategorized

I had a pretty interesting interaction today. Earlier I met for the first time with a group of people who fall under the label of Messianic. I have been awaiting a meeting with them for some time now. If you are not familiar with where I live, I’m north of Detroit a few hours. Safe to say I am close to nowhere, but the scenery sure is nice.

There were several things that made this first encounter odd. First off, I had no prior with anyone who was attending the meeting before. No phone calls, just emails.

Second, we met at a park. Sounds nice right? And it was very nice. Think about it like this: When you walk into a new church for the first time, there is structure there that lends its self to be friendly to newcomers. One walks in, usually greeted at the door and welcomed. Perhaps after a few moments of chit chat, you either seat yourself, or are ushered to a good spot. At this point, you have a moment to gather yourself. You look around at others, notice the layout of the pews, the placement of the pulpit, and generally take in your new surroundings. The service its self will proceed, and there is time for you to adjust to your new surroundings, check out the other families, and settle in for a nice teaching.

This is NOT what happened to me! I had a time and a place to meet. An email from Alek told me to go to the north end of Plymouth Park at 4pm. Short and sweet. Problem was, when I got to the park, there were hundreds of people there. Families everywhere, playing on the playgrounds, throwing footballs, couples walking hand in hand, the list goes on and on. I sat in my truck and realized, I don’t even know what Alek looks like. After about ten minutes of people watching, I see a guy perhaps a bit younger than I, walking through the parking lot carrying a Bible. Bingo. This is where it gets awkward.
After a brief introduction (A handshake through my window,) I proceeded to park, and follow his directions to get to the meeting. As I was waking up, I couldn’t help but notice this looked and felt like a family BBQ. There were no pews that I was going to be able to hide in and relax. I walked up, and I am sure they were thinking this was a bit weird. Perhaps not, but then again, being the new guy is never a easy gig.

Turns out, I really liked being around them. They learned some things about me, and I learned a lot from them. I ate some good food. Met a few good people. Mostly, I learned I need them more than they need me. I just want to be around people who believe like I do. As for any specifics regarding theology, that can easily wait for another day. I was totally content just having dinner with these folk.

As much as I would like to further dissect my day, its 1:30 am, and I have to go fishing early tomorrow with the kids. Theres just not enough hours in the day…

  1. Maura Goins says:

    If only I had a penny for every time I came here… Incredible writing!

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