The Lost PT 2

Posted: 05/17/2010 in Uncategorized

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Continuing my reading of Daniel Mendelsohn’s The Lost, I have now gotten emotionally invested in this story. Dan’s journey into finding out what happened to some relatives of his has led him to Australia. There he met with a dozen survivors from the town of Bolechow, Poland, who recalled knowing those people he so wants to know about. Up until this point, he has gotten tid bits of information about what happened when the Nazis invaded Poland, but the group he meets here have first hand knowledge of his family, and the horrible events that happened there.
I, like many other people, studied the Holocaust in school, watched Schindler’s List, learned the things I was supposed to learn about WWII. Not being Jewish, or knowing any for that matter, the horrible events that took place there are a bit abstract for me. Reading this book has personalized these events. I read about this man, his family, the stories of him as a kid interacting with the older generations, the stories of the people who were friends of those who didn’t make it out. Becoming emotionally involved with this book has put a few names to the countless millions who perished. Much like Daniel, I began to wonder what it was like to be in the hands of such a terrible oppressor, like a simple story about a boy who was going into hiding in a secret room in his house, and had to kill his own dog, lest the family pet betray them…

For some reason, the horror of a boy having to kill his beloved pet is easier to apprehend, to absorb and make real, than are other horrors. The horror, say, of having to kill your own child, lest its noise give you and others away.

The many stories I have read in this book, the things that Shmiel, Ester and their daughters must have endured, their friends and neighbors, business men, boyfriends, the stories to me now have names on those faces I saw in those old textbooks in school. I catch myself wondering, how does one’s brain process whats happening when one witnesses those horrible things? There are many stories in this book, that I never read about. Truly disturbing stuff I assure you, things even though these things happened to other families, I do lie awake at night wondering about them. I wonder how one human can not just kill another, but torture them in ways that are beyond animalistic, animals would never do anything like this to one another. Sort of speaks to who we are as a people, what we are capable of when hate runs rampant. This book really gets me thinkin…

  1. Slanderous says:

    You disgust me in every way possible. Especially after the comments you posted on CNN regarding the same sex couple in Malawi. Its conservative assholes like yourselves that are ruining the progress that is trying to be made in this country. Shame on you. No one appreciates anything your blog states.

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