Step 2: Have lunch

Posted: 05/06/2010 in Uncategorized

Today I met a MJ Rabbi for the first time. We had lunch, and a great discussion. He is moving to Arizona soon, but a remnant of the Shul is staying, meeting at a house in a nearby city. I have to admit, it was exciting meeting him. I expected someone pious of course, articulate, humble, all those things one expects from a Rabbi. Half an hour into lunch, he casually tells me and my mother he has a doctorate in clinical psychology. Great, I was being psycho-analyzed the whole time. I suppose it was a “job interview” of sorts, which I guess is reasonably being that they meet at a members house. At the conclusion of lunch (I had the chicken Caesar salad) he invited me to attend one of their meetings!! YAY! I am pretty excited about FINALLY meeting people around where I live, who believe as I do.

Starry night over the Wixom

Later, as I sat at home, I watched a Shabbat service.(Certain content has been removed from this spot) I see the logic in keeping these times, starting with faithfully keeping the sabbath, which I must admit I have problems doing so. Hopefully, having found fellow believers, I can get support in doing so. Doing this on my own has proved difficult, self discipline is not exactly one of my strong points. Finding these people was not easy by any means. I looked, googled, searched everywhere for months but I could but could not find a MJ group near me. I stumbled upon these folks by looking for kosher pepperoni. Perhaps I wasn’t ready until now, perhaps I am over-thinking that. As I walk outside, and look up at the night sky, I realize the Lord works in magnificent and mysterious ways. What a great day I had today.

  1. Mike… nice blog. Just thought you’d want to know a few facts about this “Rabbi Monte Judah” character. Where should I start…:

    1) He’s not a rabbi (he’s a Baptist minister)
    2) He’s not Jewish (never was)
    3) He believes that Gentiles are Lost Tribes of Israel (Ephraimites/Two House theology) – which is an a new spin on the old British Israelism doctrine
    4) He believes that the Book of Hebrews shouldn’t be part of our Bibles
    5) He has made MANY false prophecies (well documented) – this make this man a false prophet.
    6) Contrary to Acts 15 he insists that Gentiles are obligated to obey Mosaic Law (but since he believes that all Gentile believers are physical Israelites, he can conveniently ignore the ruling of the apostles and Holy Spirit).

    All in all, one would do well to keep clear of such a man. There are many charlatans that mascaraed under the titles “rabbi” or “messianic”.

    • Hmm. There’s a bit to chew on there. I guess you know a lot more about Montey than I do. He teaches a lot on end times prophesy, which I find insightful, (He can tie it all in pretty good).

      However, while I may not agree with Montey on some points, there are aspects of his ministry that are good. Perhaps I should think about this a bit more.

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