Visions 3/5

Posted: 04/30/2010 in Uncategorized

This segment of Twerski’s book “Visions of the Fathers”, to me, talks about time management. It begins with:

One who stays awake at night…Indeed, he bears guilt for his soul.

At this point in my reading, I became somewhat distressed as I spend A LOT of time awake late into the night. I can burn the midnight oil pretty much anytime I want, as I have no job. Well.. I am “Mr. Mom” at the moment, which keeps me pretty busy during the day. This is why, for me to get serious reading in, I have to wait until the kids are in bed. The distractions of having a 2 and 5-year-old girls make it difficult to keep my focus on in-depth material. I do, however get a break when mom’s home, and I get quality reading time then. In any event, I do spend late nights, enjoying peace and quiet, utilizing this time for study more than pleasure. Twerski expands –

A person may be under stress or be so distracted by things in his environment that he may not be able to concentrate on Torah. But when there are no mitigating circumstances, a person is defenseless. This is equally true of all transgressions.

I was puzzles by what he meant by “mitigating circumstances”, and pretty sure he was directing these comments to people who study Torah on the regular. How does this apply to one who is not accustomed to study Torah regularly? I used to attend church regularly, yet did not study anything Biblical, except on Sundays. That is my own fault of course, many others in that Church studied much more than I, I feel it was the culture I was in that aided my faulty behavior. I think my problem was, I did not find my faith “interesting” (for lack of a better word) enough to keep me going back day after day.
Since, oh about December of last year, I have been involved in study in a “Messianic” sense. This is difficult for me, having no place of worship within 150 miles of where I live. I rely on reading texts, blogs, and e-mail communications with people I feel believe like I do. Not ideal by any means, but I am holding my own so far. Sometimes I stream video from a congregation in Dallas called “Baruch Hashem”. Check out some of their archived teachings..Click “Here” and go to the archives section. Also I go to a blog “Messianic Jewish Musings” which is on the blogroll, to your right.

I feel that daily study of something spiritual is essential for me to keep my “head up”. Any “mitigating circumstances” that cause me to not study Torah, invariably lead to transgressions that would be avoided had I not been distracted in the first place. That is my problem. Distractions.. which are abundant and attractive to my sinful desires. Having daily doses of scripture, or books about scripture, or contact with people who are like minded keeps God in the forefront of my mind. This is of great importance to me, and has reinvigorated my soul. It gives me strength, and on some late nights, great peace about a day that ended with study, rather than stupor.

  1. Ruth says:

    Shalom Mike,
    From the beginning of Bible Scriptures, We Have Peace. For Hashem can
    write on our hearts what we cannot seem to understand when we do read bible
    scriptures sometimes. At an appointed time we will be given the true meaning
    of the scriptures that we are reading. This makes each appointed time more
    special especially when we are surprised by it each day.
    From the beginning of each day (from sun down to sun down ) we are
    able to focus on how much G-d has given us His Love each day. He wants only
    for us to turn back to Him.
    Each Sabbath day is appointed. If we can understand how important our
    Sabbath day is learning what it says in the whole bible and the Torah, we
    will be filled with more wisdom and full of less sinful distractions.

    Satan wants each person to give up, and go do other distracful things. Even
    Satan knows that his time is limited before he will be destroyed.

    Be encouraged, G-d is Blessing hurt people, ragged people, sore people
    the broken up hearted peoples the sinful people who are about to turn back
    and go back up the holy hill where our Wonderful Powerful G-d dwells.

    Our Savior Yeshua Ha Mashiach is interceding for us right now. Bless His
    Name, The Holy One. Shalom, RM

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