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Posted: 04/27/2010 in Uncategorized

A pic of my dogs would make sense, but isn't my wife milking a cow more interesting?

I was watching my dogs playing today, and I got to thinking. “Roxy”, a rot/black lab mix who is 5, was play fighting with my 6 month old black lab”Lola”. They really get physical with each other, and it is interesting viewing their play fighting. They take turns being the aggressor, and stop only to run about before more dueling.
With the amount of distractions in the modern world, I sometimes miss out on things that I cannot get from a TV show, or web cast etc. I realized how different we are from animals. In fact, humans in general are out-of-place compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. We are more than unique, we are totally different from any other living creature. Animals, do not have the self-awareness that we have. When my dogs are hungry, they eat. Fasting is a foreign concept to them, it is not in their nature. Only humans have that ability, or choice may be a better word. The power our brain has makes us different from other animals. Our physical bodies are quite below average, we are ill-suited to survive in any extreme environments, and would have great trouble surviving off the land such as a wolf, or bird. It is our cognitive abilities that not only dwarf those of other animals, but is not even comparable to any other beings.
This is where evolution makes no sense to me. Our mental capacities are so vastly superior to any other living being, it doesn’t make sense. The rest of creation, I could buy that they evolved, but our own existence means something different. Our ability to think about our history, and our future, and communicate these ideas is unparalleled. What good is this ability if we don’t use it? We have that ability for a reason i think. In nature, animals are blessed with abilities to help the sustain its own life, and not much beyond that. The eat, reproduce, and die. The mere fact that we have these abilities means we must be meant to use then, to be different from all other living creatures right?
When I utilize this skill, to daydream about what happens when I die, I wonder: If I am thinking this, I was given this thought for a reason, and not to use it would be against the very nature of what makes me human.
This mental capacity we have must be there for some reason. It makes no sense in a world where, every animal is afforded only the skills it needs to survive, to chock this ability up to an evolutionary process. I’m not sure where I am going with this. I was just thinking how unique we are, and I think not to use our gift to further ourselves spiritually, is simply un-natural!!


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